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Pilates props to go

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June 2017 blog“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!”

~ Kenny Chesney


Ah, the lazy days of summer are almost here – which in our household, means evenings at our community lake, picking raspberries at my in-laws, and lots of lemonade!


As the days get warmer, my own personal Pilates practice shifts – instead of a longer workout inside, I try to be a bit more creative by keeping my workouts short and taking them outside (leaving me more time for lemonade!)


In a previous post, I wrote about how to keep up your Pilates practice over the summer (read it here), and this post is all about how you can use small accessories for your Pilates practice while you are away from home.


Over the years, my clients have asked how they can keep up their Pilates practices up while they are away. It is safe to say that most of us do not have the luxury of packing a Pilates Reformer or Cadillac in our suitcase when we travel (wouldn’t that be fabulous though?) Often, I design a short program that can be easily done in as little as ten minutes so that they can continue their Pilates practice while still enjoying their vacation time. No equipment is usually required, but for those that like a little extra challenge these five small accessories are wonderful to pack in your suitcase or toss in your beach bag.


1. Squishy Pilates Ball: This can be deflated and then re-inflated with a straw. It can be used for diamond roll backs, stomach series, spine stretch forward… the possibilities are endless!


2. Long Flex-band: So many uses, so little time! Perfect for stretching, for armwork and for legwork. Favourite use: Teasers on the mat.


3. Loop band: Similar to the flex-band, but easier to throw into your purse/small bag. I keep one of these so that abductor work can be done anytime, anywhere… unless you are wearing a skirt or dress. In that case, do not attempt to use the loop band around your thighs when out in a public area.


4. Small hand towels: These I don’t actually pack if I am staying at a hotel, since they have lots of them on hand. Many of my clients use these in their “at home” programs, as they can be used for lunges, adductor/abductor work, and as an alternative/substitute for some of the GYROTONIC® handle unit work.


5. Travel yoga mat: This is a not a necessity, but a “nice to have” item. My Halfmoon travel yoga mat comes with me most of the time, and folds up into a neat little square.


Do you like to pack any workout accessories when you travel?  I would love for you to share in the comments below!






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